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Frankie Teardrop – Scary Video Gets Respect

When “Frankie Teardrop” was first screened in 1979 it almost could be guaranteed to clear the room, except in some hip underground precincts. (FT was an early (1978) non-commercial music-video I co-created.) This is before “punk” became an accepted part of the … Continue reading

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Tim Burton’s first live-action film “Hansel and Gretel”

Effectively buried for years “Hansel and Gretel” finally resurfaced in 2009, at the Museum of Modern Art’s exhibit “Tim Burton.”  It’s now at LACMA, running continuously in the galleries.  I’m pleased about the new exposure because I edited this film … Continue reading

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Nexus Productions was a small editing facility that opened circa 1977. It was historically important and yet I see next to nothing about it on the web.  In my own small way I’d like to fill that gap a little … Continue reading

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Democratic Nat. Convention 1976 (pre-show)

This was shot with a low-light Newvicon camera (tube) which usually makes people look like crap (esp me).  Think puffy-faced flesherpoid creature.  This tape is basically out-takes from indie coverage of the Convention called “Five Day Bicycle Race.”  As a … Continue reading

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