Afrika Bambaataa & Soul Sonic Force – Planet Rock

I was hired by Tommy Boy to put this video together for a Planet Rock re-release in April 1992. Using bits of the original performance video by Danny Cornyetz & Jessica Jason, I intercut (great!) vintage hip-hop footage licensed from Michael Holman.

I am jazzed to see this work top 6 million views on YouTube. (since taken down:-(

It’s great that this Old School footage got connected to this great Old School anthem, they go together.  I count myself lucky I had a creative hand in it.  And allow me to add… “Bronx the Home of Hip-Hop” – my Dad was born in da Bronx:)

I see the song first came out April 17, 1982 so now see that Tommy Boy’s re-release and commission to update the music video would commemorate the 10th year anniversary.  If you want to figure out the provenance-pedigree of the footage Michael Holman’s web site.

Besides the Bronx, I see some was shot at at breakdance competition at Lincoln Center (pretty sure I was there).  Also the studio shoot with the white-graf backdrop was probably Manhattan where I see the very cute Debi-Deb (aka Debi Mazar) and the zany fun-filled Kano of the LES.

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