Early Video of the Talking Heads

I was a founding member of a video group – Metropolis Video – that was among the first to shoot at CBGBs (1975). We were friends & colleagues working at Manhattan Cable Public Access. What made our effort special was 3 camera coverage, lights and board sound. Here is a sample.

This clip appears on a retrospective compilation for the Talking Heads call “Chronology.” Metropolis Video licensed these 1975 videos for this project, other MV nuggets include Blondie and Heartbreakers videos with Richard Hell.  (Note we only license as film-makers, interested parties must secure all other clearances.)


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2 Responses to Early Video of the Talking Heads

  1. Amusing vintage production here! We talk about analog gear (tapes, decks,…) at audioexmachina.wordpress.com. No video, just audio for now, but maybe you’ll find it interesting as well? Fiil free to cut the URL if links are not allowed here, sorry just in case… Great blog!

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